Understanding the D-word

in Advisory, KPMG Luxembourg, Technology, 13.12.2019

Many gigabytes ago, the main activity we automatically associated with data was its collection. Of course that’s all changed now, as today’s modern data-ridden world requires us to think beyond just the amassing process and about other crucial factors, including volume management and relevance of data analysis.

Misunderstanding and failing to extract material data can be harmful to your company! Why? Well, it can often result in missed opportunities not to mention loss of competitiveness in the market.

The magic ingredient

Data analysis is a complex task that needs to be approached on a case-by-case, sector-by-sector basis. This means precise post-analysis treatment with specific methodologies and tools selected for your sector, all the while taking into account relevant competitors and market trends.

In view of emerging data and risk assessment analysis market trends, we developed (in collaboration with our clients and major in the trade and industry sector) data analysis practices as well as risk assessment frameworks that will help our clients better understand their specific markets and processes.

Success story

A company struggling to select and interpret its route-planning and maintenance risk prediction data reached out to us recentlyThe result? The company will be able to explore new opportunities as well as enjoy increased competitiveness when scheduling its routing procedures. Given the increasing complexity in the data attached to major production and distribution processes, this story is not an isolated case.



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Want to be part of our success stories by taking more control of your data?

Data extraction and analysis are the first steps towards better predicting future events and risks linked to processes. With the predictive and risk assessment methodologies we have developed internally, and thanks to the team of data scientists within the KPMG Lighthouse, data optimization is at your fingertips.

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