Three opportunities for fintech companies

Recently I attended the Future of Fintech Conference, where a major theme was the disruption of the financial services industry by clouds, machine learning, blockchain, and other technologies. Speakers reflected on how the bigger fish (e.g. NASDAQ, Bank of America, MunichRE) and smaller fish (e.g. Robinhood, Affirm, SoFi) have acted on and reacted towards these […]

Taxpayers and intermediaries: ready for the new tax reporting obligations?

In its fight for fair taxation and increased tax transparency, the EU Commission recently introduced new tax reporting obligations (also known as “mandatory disclosure rules”) which could affect any EU intermediary or taxpayer involved in cross-border arrangements or transactions. The most pressing feature of these changes is the one that makes the rules […]

Tax in a digital economy: giving shape to the invisible

It’s a common piece of dinnertime conversation, nowadays, to mention that big tech companies ought to pay their fair share of taxes. Especially given the crisis ten years ago, especially given public controversies from the likes of Google and Amazon, especially given the world’s inequalities. Not that anybody ever wanted them not to—but as momentum gathers […]

Governance and tax transparency should top CEO and board member to-dos

For a few years now the global tax system has been in a period of significant change. One feature of this, among many, has been increased tax transparency, in whose name discussion around fair taxation has heated up and the term “responsible tax” has emerged. Customers, investors, and employees certainly expect more from businesses than in the past when it c […]