HR and new technologies – what you need to know about the Metaverse

More than 96 % of companies expect to use Metaverse technologies in their businesses in the near future! KPMG US & InnoLead - a research and events company focused on helping changemakers in large organizations - released a new report, “Shaping Your Strategy for Web3 and the Metaverse.” The report highlights the importance of this emerging technol […]

Real Estate: Elevating the technology and data agenda

Real Estate players have not always been early adopters when it comes to technology according to Oxford University (PDF | 3.4Mb). The trust in a well-established operating model, the lack of industry best practices and knowledge in the digital space have all been major factors for late technology adoption. However, the pandemic was a catalyst toward transform […]

Change management in digital transformation: backbone of the new reality?

An interview with Jean-Christophe Denis, Associate Partner in IT Advisory at KPMG Luxembourg   The current pandemic has reshaped the way we work. It has also reinforced the importance of being technologically well-equipped to keep up with the new reality’s flexibility and on-the-go requirements. Sophie Dubroca, Manager within KPMG Luxembourg’s […]

What is a low-code platform and how can it accelerate digital transformation?

Low-code can speed up your digital transformation in the face of COVID-19 and the new normal COVID-19 has forced organizations to quickly adapt to operating conditions that are deteriorating far faster than in previous economic downturns. Current processes are inefficient The COVID-19 pandemic sent most of us home to work, abruptly changing the work env […]

Open banking: a game changer for business and operating models

This article was prepared together with Markus Lamest and Elma Memic. The Covid-19 pandemic hit the worldwide banking industry when it was already experiencing a turning point in terms of its business and operating models. Banks haven’t faced this opportunity and need for change in centuries. More than ever before, customers expect a service experience adapte […]

Covid-19: the role of IT functions in facilitating social distancing and business continuity

As the Covid-19 situation develops across Europe, governments and businesses are taking steps to protect the health and safety of their people and roll out precautionary measures. On 15 March, the Luxembourg government renewed calls for remote working as a means to enact “social distancing” and reduce contact between people, therefore limiting the spread of […]