Family Matters – how times are changing for global family businesses

Family businesses help drive the economy, accounting for the majority of global GDP and employment.  Many families are intent on keeping their businesses in the family and passing them on to the next generation. Nothing new there, but uncertain times bring with them a whole new set of challenges. So, what are families up against? Well, for starters, the often c […]

How to know if your fund qualifies for lower taxes on environmentally sustainable investments

The momentum behind protecting the planet and moving towards social justice is growing, and investors are playing a huge part in funding this transition. In recognition of this, the Luxembourg government recently announced a tax incentive to encourage even more investment in environmentally sustainable funds—a reduction in the subscription tax. But how do you […]

Treasury management and cash pooling: how is the COVID-19 crisis affecting transfer prices?

The economic downturn triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting wide swathes of sectors and companies. In particular, the treasury departments of multinationals have needed to boost their liquidity levels to cope with this unstable economic environment and meet their short- and medium-term financial obligations. Treasurers have a range of strategies at […]

Withholding taxes: Why many insurance companies are being taxed twice (and how to claim it back)

Reclaims of foreign withholding taxes have become an absolute must for investment funds, but the practice has proven less common among insurance companies. For years, investment funds have been successfully obtaining refunded foreign taxes on dividends and interest. While this might be due to the more visible net performance of investment funds compared to in […]

Banking tax impacts amidst Covid-19

The article was originally published on by Robin Walduck, Partner, Global Head of Tax, Banking and Capital Markets, KPMG in the UK.   It’s a rapidly moving picture in which new relief and support measures for businesses including banks and financial institutions are being announced by governments and authorities almost every day in countries […]

Covid-19 and Luxembourg cross-border workers: how will working from home be taxed?

This blog is regularly updated based on the latest announcements. Last update: 11am on 8 April 2020. Highlights from this blog The days that Belgian, French and German residents work from home due to Covid-19 will not count towards the 24-day tax threshold for the Belgians, the 29-day threshold for the French or the 19-day threshold for the Germans. The […]