Which would you rather lose: phone or wallet? (and why this apparently trivial question is relevant to private banks)

Web banking, mobile apps, disruption, chatbots, robotic automation processes, robo-advisors… quite a slew of new terms have fast become ubiquitous amongst private bankers. In just a few years, new technologies have redefined how relationship managers can interact with their clients. It wasn’t too long ago that some private bankers were still studying the dig […]

Women in alternative investments: a marathon, not a sprint

A few years ago the first-ever Rothstein Kass WAI Hedge Fund Index came out, with the report that women-run hedge funds had outperformed all others for a period of six and a half years. The index had returned 6%, compared to the S&P 500’s 4.2% and the HFRX Global Hedge Fund Index’s -1.1%. The news was all good: short of any oversimplified interpretations […]

The family businesses that will outlast the Googles and Apples

You’ve got tech companies, retailers, and banks; there are start-ups, mid-sizers, and giants; you have service, product, and back-end—a hundred ways to slice up the corporate world. But where do family businesses fit in?

Family business in Europe: talent wars, innovation, and charging ahead

The Family Business Barometer seeks to show which trends are seen and foreseen within European family businesses. This year’s edition turns up a number of interesting insights, such as

Looking for breathing room: manufacturers in 2016 and beyond

Our recent global survey about manufacturing points to one main truth: for manufacturers, it’s currently all about growth. An astounding 97% of the survey respondents ranked “exploiting opportunities for growth” as

Healthcare actors need next-level collaboration

Healthcare services everywhere are becoming more complex by the hour—and so are the population’s demand patterns. Massive amounts of data must be collected and analysed to gain insight on what healthcare professionals are doing and whom they are working with. To meet these needs,