The M&A trends driving Luxembourg’s banking sector

This article was written together with Krasen Monovski. The banking market in Luxembourg has recently seen a surge in deal activity, with a multitude of strategies employed by buyers and sellers alike. While this industry is robust and well-positioned for growth, there is nevertheless significant pressure on firms to improve profitability and innovate service […]

Survey finds companies unready for new leasing standards

The new standards on lease accounting are here. They became effective on 1 January 2019 for calendar year-end companies. However, KPMG’s survey of companies around the world reveals that some firms won’t have fully completed their implementation programs by the effective date, and will therefore be relying on interim solutions to enable compliance workaround […]

We asked European family businesses what their top priorities are

The latest European Family Business Barometer has recently been released, revealing that family businesses are optimistic and are preparing for further growth. For many, the next step is the delicate and crucial operation of scaling up their operations. Additionally, European family businesses preparing to do business on the world stage will have to factor in […]

Shedding light on a fast-growing asset class: loan funds

Since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, lending from banks in Europe has hugely reduced due to tightening regulations and to the higher capital ratios imposed on banks. Government bonds and fixed-income bonds yields have fallen dramatically, critically affecting investor returns and the guaranteed payments that pension funds have to make. Pension funds and other i […]

Brexit: turning Luxembourg remuneration rumours into facts

For companies considering relocating to the EU, local remuneration practices are, naturally, an important factor. Luxembourg is well-known for offering highly flexible remuneration packages. But what exactly does the term remuneration package entail? In Luxembourg, a remuneration package comprises three elements: base salary (fixed salary), variable salary (e […]

Governance rises in importance, again, for family businesses

The latest Family Business Barometer was recently released by the European Family Business (EFB) and KPMG Enterprise, containing the results of an online survey: over 1,100 family businesses across 26 European countries responded on a number of issues. The top trend involved governance. The Barometer shows that finding the balance between family interests and […]