Why HR is crucial to business strategy success

In a constantly and rapidly changing world which presents unprecedented challenges for business, organizations are forced to assess their strategies and core priorities. Persistently driving value and competitive advantage often lead to driving transformational change across all levels of an organization. It is widely accepted that human capital and talent ma […]

5 ways HR professionals can reshape company culture in the New Reality

Why company culture is more relevant than ever COVID-19 has brought the importance of human contributions and interactions into sharp focus, pressing the pause button – or perhaps the stop button – on life as we know it. When it comes to work, it is falling to HR professionals to help companies navigate the new environment, and it has become clear that quic […]

The conundrum facing bank CFOs: doing more with less

In recent years, CFOs have spent most of their budgets and energy on regulatory changes. In many banks, especially small ones, their only ambition is to keep the situation under control. Ensuring the quality of prudential reporting, satisfying audit requirements and maintaining control processes leaves limited resources left over to invest in business strategy a […]

Corporate risk management – a fresh perspective

Until recently, the “too big to fail” category belonged solely to banks. However, as more and more external market forces change the business environment, a new industry group is seen entering that territory: corporate business. Given this, are corporates doing enough to withstand the pressures of change? Businesses that don’t dynamically respond to […]

Creating a future-proof IT function

Once upon a time, there was business strategy and technology strategy. They led more or less separate existences. Now, there’s just one strategy…driven by technology. According to IDC*, 80% of revenue growth will depend on digital offerings and operations by 2022. Therefore, the IT function is today at a crossroads. IT should not be seen anymore as a stan […]