Business continuity in the Covid era: Considerations for Boards

On 29 April 2020, KPMG partners Anne-Sophie Minaldo and Laurent de la Vaissière took part in an ILA virtual panel on “Business Risk, Continuity & Protection" where they shared their insights on business continuity to help directors lead their organizations through the Covid-19 crisis. In this blog, they share their four-step guide for board members. &n […]

Corporate risk management – a fresh perspective

Until recently, the “too big to fail” category belonged solely to banks. However, as more and more external market forces change the business environment, a new industry group is seen entering that territory: corporate business. Given this, are corporates doing enough to withstand the pressures of change? Businesses that don’t dynamically respond to […]

Why good governance is key to successful automation

What’s at the heart of the integration of innovative technologies and AI to improve company processes? Answer: Having the right governance model in place. That’s right, it is one of the crucial ingredients enabling companies to develop smoothly, guarantee use cases, gain to manage technology over time, and ensure optimal security in the implementation of the […]

Managing ESG: Challenges and Opportunities in the Asset Management World

This article was written together with Eleonora Cambone. The rise of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and Sustainable investments is undebatable, and the figures testifying this are clear as day: as of December 2018, there are 2,816 European responsible investment funds domiciled in Europe with a total assets under management (AuM) of EUR 496 billio […]

How to manage risks and be innovative—at the same time

Meital Raviv, Director and Head of Fintech and Innovation at KPMG Israel, has written the following article about how to recognize and minimize risks while—as businesses today must do—flying forward with innovation. The insurance industry is in the midst of unprecedented change. Changing customer dynamics, rapidly evolving technologies, and the growing ab […]

Actions to take regarding Circular 18/9: insurers, take note

Luxembourg has recently completed its 2018 national risk assessment, which covers data from 2016–2017. This mandatory exercise was performed in preparation for the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) visit taking place in autumn 2020. The results from the assessment help clarify the money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF) risks the country faces, makin […]