Public Sector

Digital citizen experience: what it is and why it matters to Luxembourg

In today’s “age of the customer”, we are witnessing a shift in the balance of power in the brand-customer relationship. The digital revolution has profoundly changed consumer habits, with customers now better informed, increasingly empowered and more demanding than ever. Accustomed to interacting with brands and to using products and services from multi […]

Citizen Experience: Seven ways Luxembourg’s public organizations can rise to the challenge

Just as customer experience has become a crucial part of every company’s success, citizen experience is climbing the public sector’s priority ladder. The “age of the customer” is upon on us, and everyone needs to get on board! In KPMG’s recently published white paper on public sector digitalization for citizens, we take a closer look at how differen […]

La digitalisation de la santé: une sinécure?

Le secteur de la santé connait depuis quelques années une intensification des investissements dans les technologies de l’information et de la communication, ayant pour but d’améliorer l’efficacité et la qualité des prestations de soins.

Healthcare actors need next-level collaboration

Healthcare services everywhere are becoming more complex by the hour—and so are the population’s demand patterns. Massive amounts of data must be collected and analysed to gain insight on what healthcare professionals are doing and whom they are working with. To meet these needs,

LuxMegatrend#3: pension money won’t grow on trees

Luxembourg has it good when it comes to conditions for the elderly: we might not be the Swedes who are currently top of the class, however, we’re definitely amongst the best countries in the world to find yourself in post-65. Smugness, however, would be ill-advised: forthcoming changes mean this situation may be difficult to sustain. Welcome to Megatrend#3 in […]

The global megatrend for 2030 that is a reality for Luxembourg in 2014

Sometimes Luxembourg is perceived as being a little behind the times. Castles, royals and the national slogan ‘we want to remain what we are’ do little to eradicate this image. Scratch beneath the surface, however, and you soon come to the state-of-the-art data centers, satellite launching communication giants and sprawling media companies that give a fairer […]