Islamic finance: is Luxembourg an emerging country?

With over 2.6 trillion euros of assets under management this January, Luxembourg is the largest regulated funds domicile in Europe and the world’s cross-border distribution hub for investment funds with a market share of 75%. But what about Islamic Finance? Is Luxembourg an emerging country in this field?

Will you add ELTIFs to your product toolbox?

AIFM listen closely: there’s a new product under development in Brussels that may be to your taste. We are talking about European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIF). Initially proposed by the Commission last September, the new framework for investment funds is currently under discussion in the EU Parliament.

The rising star of European Real Estate: REITs

The Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has fast become the rising star of European real estate. Common in the US since the 60s, this security was virtually off the radar in Europe until a decade ago. Now a portfolio staple in the UK, REITs have also enchanted French and German investors and have most recently been introduced in Ireland. This all begs the questi […]

Debt funds: the knight in shining armour of financing

There’s been much talk of late about distressed debt. For those not in the know, distress may bring to mind princesses locked in towers waiting for a knight in shining armour. Strangely enough, there’s an element of truth in this, as new debt funds are the Lancelot of financing, saving the day by providing an alternative source of capital in a difficult fund […]

Money Market Funds enter the legal spotlight

EU Money Market Funds will face an overhaul in their legal and regulatory framework in 2015, when the newly proposed EU Regulation on Money Market Funds is likely to come into effect.