Looking for breathing room: manufacturers in 2016 and beyond

Our recent global survey about manufacturing points to one main truth: for manufacturers, it’s currently all about growth. An astounding 97% of the survey respondents ranked “exploiting opportunities for growth” as

The Luxembourg Limited Partnership – A perfect match with Alternative Investments

Early in January 2015, the Luxembourg Tax Authorities issued a Circular Letter which provides guidance on the tax treatment of limited partnerships (SCS and SCSp), in particular for limited partnerships set-up as Alternative Investment Funds. In a nutshell, non-regulated SCS and SCSp are tax transparent for corporate income tax and net wealth tax purposes. It […]

ELTIF: The birth of a new innovative fund product

Its name is ELTIF or European Long Term Investment Fund. Its purpose is to boost European long-term investments in the real economy, especially infrastructure. It will come into effect 6 months after the publication in the EU Official Journal, expected for the beginning of the year. Why is it an innovative product? What are its main characteristics? What […]

What Hedge Funds US Managers need to know to do business in Europe

These are the questions that were discussed during our KPMG Global Roadshow in Boston, Dallas, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Positioning Islamic Funds as Socially Responsible Funds is a key strategy for fund managers

According to the 2014 Global Islamic Asset Management Report issued by Thomson Reuters, scalability is the key challenge facing the Islamic asset management industry.

Could Europe be the new ‘Land of Opportunity’ for distressed debt?

It appears that the US is no longer quite living up to its reputation as the place where dreams are made … or at least this is the case where one emerging fund type is concerned. Distressed debt – which was 100% ‘Born in the USA’ – is now hotfooting it to Europe in what one could only describe as an industry migration. But just what is behind this pass […]