Private Equity

Bringing clarity around private equity asset valuations

This article was originally published on by Robert Ohrenstein, Partner, Global Head of Private Equity, KPMG International, Mr. Sean McKee, National Practice Leader, Public Investment Management, KPMG in the U.S. and Jonathan Martin, Partner, Head of Private Equity UK Audit, KPMG in the UK. The timing of COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and confusion […]

Proactive portfolio management and future planning

The article was originally published on by Robert Ohrenstein, Partner and Global Head of Private Equity for KPMG International. It feels much longer than the 3-4 weeks that have passed since I set out my initial thoughts concerning COVID-19, Being Robust in Trying Times. While the previous note was almost entirely dominated by the initial reaction to […]

Zombie companies are on the rise. Here’s what PE houses can do.

This article has been written together with Tristan Ramirez.  After a decade of steady expansion, the rise of zombie firms has accelerated with the Covid-19 crisis. Today, the phenomenon is threatening entire slices of our economy and straining public health resources. Reinforced by mass unemployment, forecasts for growth and debt ratios have been revised, d […]

How private equity houses can approach RAIF annual reports

Anticipating the significant growth and ever-increasing importance of alternative investments as an asset class — the most recent data shows that Luxembourg saw a 17% increase in private equity fund assets under management and a 25% increase in loan funds between 2018 and 2019 — Luxembourg took the opportunity to add a number of supervised- only investment v […]

An asset manager’s guide to creating a risk-based Covid-19 board report

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the damage to the economy looks likely to be deep and long lasting. Asset managers are not only dealing with a myriad of temporary guidelines from national and international bodies: they are also putting their own measures in place to mitigate the economic impact of the virus and safeguard investor value—measures t […]

Covid-19 and private equity: Being robust in trying times

The article was adapted from the original published on by Robert Ohrenstein, Partner, Global Head of Private Equity, KPMG International. Private equity has proven to be innovative and resilient. Private equity (PE) in Luxembourg has developed into a mature asset class—over 25,000 registered holding companies are now domiciled in the Grand-Duchy.