Can fintech lead innovation post Covid-19?

The article was originally published on by Anton Ruddenklau, Global Co-Leader of Fintech for KPMG International, and a Partner and the Head of Digital & Innovation for Financial Services in KPMG in the UK. The dotcom crash of the early 2000’s led to the creation of tech giants like Google; the global financial crisis of 2008/09 saw the emergenc […]

Predicting a Path

The article was originally published on by Kevin Bolen, Author, U.S. Leader, Strategic Investments. As COVID-19 continues to spread, more than three-quarters of the world has engaged in some degree of social distancing.1 These circumstances are not what we expected just 60-90 days ago, and significant aftershocks are still to come. The pande […]

What happens when we hit the play button?

The article was originally published on by Gary Reader, Leadership, Global Head of Clients & Markets Headlines across the world have played out like a science fiction movie—just like the Hollywood thrillers many of us have binge-watched on streaming services very recently. Unfortunately, global business activity wasn’t built with a pause button […]

Surveillance challenges under Covid-19

The article was originally published on by Paul Tombleson,  Leadership, Global Trader Surveillance Lead, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the UK. Like many sectors, the investment banking sector has had to find new ways of working away from the trading floor at a mass scale. This involves the use of back-up sites and remote working, bringing an […]

Implications on banks’ risk management

The article was originally published on by Fabiano Gobbo, Global Financial Risk Management Leader and Head of Financial Risk Management for KPMG in Italy. Banking is being hit hard by daily pivoting market conditions and deteriorating credit quality among others, marking unprecedented times for Chief Risk Officers (CRO), risk functions and the business […]

A catalyst for change for bank branches

The article was originally published on by Judd Caplain, Leadership, Global Head of Banking & Capital Markets. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing many things: the way people shop, the way they work, the nature of social interaction. It is also having a profound effect on businesses, who are having to configure their workforces and operati […]