Pan-European Personal Pension: the solution to Europe’s pension problems?

An interview with Christian Lemaire, Global Head of Retirement Solutions at Amundi In light of the recent publication of the Pan-European Personal Pension (PEPP) Regulation and the EIOPA consultation specifying the pension product’s features, we decided to take a moment to examine the PEPP’s implications. Chrystelle Veeckmans, Chairman of the Association […]

Shedding light on a fast-growing asset class: loan funds

Since the 2007-2008 financial crisis, lending from banks in Europe has hugely reduced due to tightening regulations and to the higher capital ratios imposed on banks. Government bonds and fixed-income bonds yields have fallen dramatically, critically affecting investor returns and the guaranteed payments that pension funds have to make. Pension funds and other i […]

Brexit: turning Luxembourg remuneration rumours into facts

For companies considering relocating to the EU, local remuneration practices are, naturally, an important factor. Luxembourg is well-known for offering highly flexible remuneration packages. But what exactly does the term remuneration package entail? In Luxembourg, a remuneration package comprises three elements: base salary (fixed salary), variable salary (e […]

Year-end tips for Luxembourg taxpayers

December is a month of mixed emotions. Holidays like St. Nicholas Day and Christmas bring a lot of cheer—but they also, well, they don’t cost nothing. Perhaps saving is on your mind. If so, I have a few suggestions for ways to save on your tax bill before the end of this month! Watch the vide […]

International tax challenges for mobile employees’ pensions

International mobility continues to increase, yet pensions do not seem to be a big concern. Employees typically continue to contribute to their state pension (social security) and occupational (company) pension where possible, but how are pensions taxed in different countries and why does double taxation often occur? This article covers the international tax cha […]

PEPP: can it save Europe’s pension problems?

Fact: People are not saving enough for their pensions. Fact: The pension gap, i.e. the difference between the pension people are expecting to receive and what they’ll actually get, is currently €1.9 trillion.[1] Fact: More and more of the general population are inactive, and retirees are living longer (see a few statistics here)—meaning that the situ […]