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Re-examining third-party outsourcing thanks to COVID-19

This article has been written together with Eleonora Cambone. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Originally used by Charles Dickens to describe the turmoil of troubled nineteenth-century England, this phrase also happens to accurately summarize the current environment – its challenges and, most importantly, the improvement opportu […]

Brexit: understanding the transition period

On 31 January 2020, following the formal adoption of the withdrawal agreement, the UK officially left the European Union. Now begins the transition period outlined in the Brexit deal, which provides details on how the UK’s exit will unfold. For example, it states that no UK representative can participate in any EU institution, agency or body. It further declar […]

How performance fee requirements could change your business model

Performance Fees: how portfolio managers earn their money – or is there more to it? Aligning portfolio management and investor interests with fair reward is what most people associate with performance fees. However, this perception neglects the other major ways that performance fees can impact your business. As indicated in our previous blog post (“Per […]

Performance fees for the Fund industry: it’s decision time

Regulators and investors desire value-for-money Recent European regulations related to fees are delivering new requirements for the Fund industry. The regulators’ ultimate goal is to improve fee transparency and to reach a standardized cost-reporting framework. There’s been a lot of debates and discussions on this topic in the past few months, intensifyin […]

New Luxembourg law protects fund sector from Brexit

On 28 March 2019, the Chamber of Deputies passed a law that grants investment funds a one-year delay in which to solve breaches of investment rules and EU passporting issues that would result from a “hard” or “no-deal” Brexit. The main objective of this law is to maintain market stability and protect investors from negative Brexit-related consequences. […]

Brexit and asset management: the Luxembourg transfer pricing perspective

The asset management industry in the United Kingdom is the one of the biggest in the world, while Luxembourg is often cited as a key jurisdiction for asset management too, being the largest fund domicile in the EU. At present, although the Brexit negotiations between the UK and EU seem to be at a standstill, many leading asset management firms are planning fo […]