Machine Learning

Seven keys to the future world of big data

For organizations in every sector, grappling with the new world of big data has presented huge challenges. Firms are rethinking their strategies, rewriting their business models, reacting to new regulations, implementing new technologies, and seeking to onboard different competencies. Our team recently attended Big Data World 2019 in London, where industry leade […]

One microphone, five minutes, and €50,000

Luxembourg’s fintech scene is not quite like anything I’ve seen elsewhere. Startup contests—and I’ve been to loads—all share a common energy, an ambitious spirit, a love of the future and the futuristic. Fintech in Luxembourg has all that, of course, but it has something else too. It has a relaxed togetherness, forged by the smallness of the country […]
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Meet the warriors of fintech

The third annual Fintech Awards Luxembourg (powered by the LHoFT and KPMG) take place tomorrow! Thirteen molten hot companies will pitch in front of a panel of experts and hope to win one of the top prizes, which include €50k in startup money, membership in accelerator hubs, and advertising campaigns. But what do this year’s contestants say about the matu […]

The signs that fintech has reached adulthood in 2018

The newness of digital-age fintech seems to have worn off. There is less surprise at the concept of online-only banks, less indignation at robots giving investment advice, less confusion and scepticism over digital ledgers and cryptocurrencies. It’s like we all jumped into a chilly pool, went through a period of shock, and have now gotten used to the temperatu […]

Hi, HR Bot. How many days off do I have left?

RPA, chatbots, machine learning… whispers about these technologies are getting louder and louder. You hear about them at conferences and roundtables and in your personal life too—and heads of HR have taken notice. Assuming less of a flight attendant and more of a pilot role, HR heads have begun to see their business colleagues as internal clients, and HR its […]