The bright side: positive M&A trends for 2021

A marked upturn in European dealmaking over recent months, as well as progress made on vaccine distribution, have given dealmakers cause for optimism in 2021 As we look ahead, a combination of mid-market resurgence, technology and consolidation driven acquisitions, and private equity (PE) firms’ pressing need to deploy dry powder are all expected to fuel M& […]

Tips and guidance on business deals in a Covid-19 landscape

This article was written together with Alberto Chocano. Covid-19 is having a material impact on most economic sectors, including M&A, generating uncertainty and volatility in short- and medium-term economic expectations. Given that backdrop, it could prove challenging to align buyer and seller expectations, even if such a crisis brings significant opportuni […]

The M&A trends driving Luxembourg’s banking sector

This article was written together with Krasen Monovski. The banking market in Luxembourg has recently seen a surge in deal activity, with a multitude of strategies employed by buyers and sellers alike. While this industry is robust and well-positioned for growth, there is nevertheless significant pressure on firms to improve profitability and innovate service […]

3 M&A deals that fell short of their potential (part 3)

In this third instalment of our series on lessons learned from high-profile M&A deals that missed their mark, we turn to the 1998 deal between Daimler and Chrysler. The aim of the merger was to create a

3 M&A deals that fell short of their potential (part 2)

Recently, we gathered our Deal Advisory team together to talk about recent M&A deals that faced major difficulties after the transactions were completed. Part one went into the 2014 Microsoft and Nokia deal, where strategic planning needed a key role. Now we’ll turn to an acquisition where a more aggressive due diligence process might have churned up some […]

3 M&A deals that fell short of their potential (part 1)

According to KPMG’s 2015 M&A Outlook Survey, we appear to be entering a new age of M&As: a resounding 82% of respondents were planning to make (at the time of the questionnaire) at least one acquisition in 2015. But M&A deals can be touchy: it’s one thing to go out and buy some exotic ingredients—but have you prepared a recipe that’s going to […]