Covid-19’s impact on financial reporting – Going concern

Assessment of going concern in light of coronavirus As promised in our earlier post, we’ll now explore Covid-19’s impacts on financial reporting – more specifically, management’s responsibility to assess its entity's ability to continue as a going concern. Assessments of whether the going concern assumption is appropriate consider events and conditio […]

Liquidity stress testing – ESMA releases the final pieces of the puzzle

This article was written together with Gianmarco Gioia. Following consultations initiated in April 2019, ESMA published the final guidelines on liquidity stress testing (LST) in UCITS and AIFS on 2 September. The newly released guidelines will take effect from 30 September 2020. UCITS and AIFS (including ETFs that operate as UCITSs or AIFs), as well as […]

ESMA to release new liquidity stress testing guidance in early 2019

For the most part, asset managers deal with risks according to market best practices. But what about risks for which best practices haven’t yet been fully established? Liquidity risks are one such area, and consequently regulators have been focusing on providing more guidance. To that end, in February 2018, following the work of the Financial Stability Boar […]