Investment Management

Meet the warriors of fintech

The third annual Fintech Awards Luxembourg (powered by the LHoFT and KPMG) take place tomorrow! Thirteen molten hot companies will pitch in front of a panel of experts and hope to win one of the top prizes, which include €50k in startup money, membership in accelerator hubs, and advertising campaigns. But what do this year’s contestants say about the matu […]

The asset management delegation model: continuity of the entente cordiale?

If I were to come up with a mantra for ESMA it would, beyond the shadow of a doubt, include ‘foster consistency’ and ‘supervisory convergence’, phrases that are invariably mentioned in just about every document or speech made by the Paris-based European Securities and Markets Authority. With this mantra underpinning its actions, last summer ESMA issue […]

How to hone your sales strategy with a profitability analysis

Imagine a company called myBEAUdi Apparel, a trendy clothing and accessories producer. Economic headwinds are getting stronger—and what’s myBEAUdi Apparel going to do about it? Its executives decide to adopt various cost management measures over the next few months to enhance efficiency in the long run and to focus on their key market. However, they’re uns […]

Do you know your customer profitability by product and channel?

My last article treated the topic of customer profitability—but this is just one dimension of profitability. There are other dimensions too, such as product, channel or geographical. These dimensions can be combined in multiple ways to respond mainly to the questions of What product is sold? To whom is it sold? And how is it sold? However… did you know th […]

IORP II: big change for pensioners?

The Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provisions (IORPs) have evolved since the publication, in 2003, of Directive 2003/41/EC on their activities and supervision (the “IORP Directive”). Aiming to align the IORPs framework with the pensioners and investors’ current needs, a final compromise was reached between the Council of the European Union and th […]

Debt funds to the rescue

Corporate financing in Europe is currently undergoing a significant transformation. Historically, it has been largely dominated by banks, but with banks being in the process of deleveraging and currently burdened by additional capital requirements, debt funds have stepped in and increasingly provided funding to small- to medium-sized enterprises, either through […]