A silent revolution: the changing face of EU insurance distribution

The terms ‘insurance distribution’ and ‘insurance distributor’ shall include the activity of a policyholder selling insurance cover to customers. Yes, you heard that right! This is the opinion of Advocate General Szpunar of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) delivered on 24 March 2022 in a case involving a collective insurance scheme […]

PE risk for French banking & insurance activities: time to get it right!

Luxembourg and France have been very closely linked for centuries. So, it’s only natural that the French market is crucial for Luxembourg banks and insurance companies in terms of local sales activities. As wealth planning solutions in particular require a close presence to clients, most Luxembourg banks and insurance companies sell their services on French […]

EU Commission strikes back! New tax reclaim opportunities for insurance companies

While interest rates continue to be low and policyholders become more sensitive to tax leakage, it is crucial for insurance companies to explore withholding tax reclaim opportunities for their clients. Even though some custodians might propose a tax reclaim service, it is important to ensure that all possible reclaim files are duly submitted and that the righ […]

Sustainable finance and insurance: turning the Covid-19 experience to long-term advantage

This article has been written together with Armand De Vaugelas. The recognition of pandemic-type risks as being highly disruptive is far from new to the insurance sector. Back in 2013, around 3,000 insurers took part in a poll to name the most extreme risks to their industry. The responses identified a pandemic from a new and highly infectious and fatal disea […]

COVID-19: customer and digitization in insurance

This article was originally published on by Laura J. Hays, Global Head of Insurance for KPMG International. COVID-19 might be the catalyst for innovation in insurance, unlocking greater levels of customer experience and personalization. Who hasn’t asked at some point, “How will this pandemic affect me and my family? How will it affect our liv […]

The future comes early: Insurance workforce transformation through Covid-19

The article was originally published on by Laura J Hay, Global Head of Insurance, KPMG International   With the spread of Covid-19 right across the world, we're all doing it now. Whether it's from a spare room or the kitchen table, we're working from home, connecting with colleagues through video conferencing calls, and learning to do things […]