Getting fit for the future: the new reality of asset management

Changing business and operating models With the arrival of Covid-19, companies were forced to innovate…fast, finding new ways of getting things done to replace old methods that no longer worked. There were production and regulatory deadlines to meet. Operating models had to be adapted overnight so people across different supply chains and countries could w […]

Cloud services: changes on the way for Luxembourg insurers

On 24 June 2020, Luxembourg’s insurance regulatory body (Commissariat aux Assurances – CAA) published Circular Letter 20/13 concerning the EIOPA guidelines on outsourcing to cloud service providers (EIOPA-BoS-20-002). Through this circular letter, the CAA clarifies that it fully intends to apply these guidelines, inviting all insurance and reinsurance entiti […]

Open banking: a game changer for business and operating models

This article was prepared together with Markus Lamest and Elma Memic. The Covid-19 pandemic hit the worldwide banking industry when it was already experiencing a turning point in terms of its business and operating models. Banks haven’t faced this opportunity and need for change in centuries. More than ever before, customers expect a service experience adapte […]

Europe’s new reality: Go digital, go green

This article was originally published on by Jonathan Lavender, Leadership, Global Head of KPMG Private Enterprise and Head of Markets. How scaling up green technology can help put Europe on the road to recovery. Record-high unemployment rates and government support necessary for the survival of some of the largest companies across the globe: this is […]

Can fintech lead innovation post Covid-19?

The article was originally published on by Anton Ruddenklau, Global Co-Leader of Fintech for KPMG International, and a Partner and the Head of Digital & Innovation for Financial Services in KPMG in the UK. The dotcom crash of the early 2000’s led to the creation of tech giants like Google; the global financial crisis of 2008/09 saw the emergenc […]

Predicting a Path

The article was originally published on by Kevin Bolen, Author, U.S. Leader, Strategic Investments. As COVID-19 continues to spread, more than three-quarters of the world has engaged in some degree of social distancing.1 These circumstances are not what we expected just 60-90 days ago, and significant aftershocks are still to come. The pande […]