Human Resources

Inclusion and diversity: lead as a forward-thinking company

The past year has transformed nearly every aspect of our world. Hundreds of millions of people have lived through lockdowns, working from home sometimes at a day’s notice. We have been witness to the considerable economic consequences and new ways of working that will certainly endure. Now, one year on, organizations have started to reshape priorities and […]

5 ways HR professionals can reshape company culture in the New Reality

Why company culture is more relevant than ever COVID-19 has brought the importance of human contributions and interactions into sharp focus, pressing the pause button – or perhaps the stop button – on life as we know it. When it comes to work, it is falling to HR professionals to help companies navigate the new environment, and it has become clear that quic […]

A HR solution to reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost workplace happiness

The last few months have been strange for all of us: first, we stopped seeing each other in person; then, we changed the way we interacted and worked together; and now we’ve arrived at a hybrid situation where human relationships are coexisting with technology more than ever before. The resilience and agility of humans allow us to adapt and overcome the dif […]

HR strategy: employee engagement is the outcome, experience is the starting point

Engagement is the outcome, not the starting point Everyone has, at some point in their professional lives, filled out an annual employee engagement survey. Surveys measure employee engagement, usually leading to hurriedly developed, short-lived initiatives that often fall short of meeting employee and corporate expectations. The truth is that these scattered […]