Resetting the learning function

The worldwide pandemic sparked fundamental changes on how business is conducted and brought new work paradigms such as remote working to the surface. Human resources (HR) management is one area that has been significantly impacted: from recruitment to onboarding, and continuous learning to performance management, the HR function has had to think fast. Rethink […]

Workforce Shaping: Unleashing human potential

Welcome to the future of work, an age of permanent disruption, groundbreaking trends and constant transformation. Companies willing to make more radical changes and shape a workforce with the right skills, attitudes and flexibility will be better positioned to lead their companies into the future. 60 Of Execs are focused on future workforce needs and h […]

A HR solution to reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost workplace happiness

The last few months have been strange for all of us: first, we stopped seeing each other in person; then, we changed the way we interacted and worked together; and now we’ve arrived at a hybrid situation where human relationships are coexisting with technology more than ever before. The resilience and agility of humans allow us to adapt and overcome the dif […]

Creating new employee experiences with digital HR

Over the last several years technology has tremendously shaped back offices by cutting costs and improving efficiency, but this transformation has not been easy. Based on our experience, there are two main pitfalls that HR departments should be wary of. First, change management: how can organisations get their employees energised about and involved in their (new […]
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Banking HR: how to get ahead on the new job grading requirements

The implementation deadline of the new collective bargaining agreement, 1 January 2020, may seem far away. However, having worked directly with the ABBL on this agreement, I can say that it’s much closer than you may think. HR managers will have to spend significant time and effort applying the new model within their institutions, and banks should therefore st […]

Mistakes in the workplace: when change management goes wrong

Change management, as a strategic company asset, only began to be openly valued in the 1990s. Since then the field, which surrounds including employees in company changes, has evolved and its importance has been formalised: bachelor and master degrees in change management emerged not too long ago, and HR departments now employ specialists in this area. It seems […]