PE risk for French banking & insurance activities: time to get it right!

Luxembourg and France have been very closely linked for centuries. So, it’s only natural that the French market is crucial for Luxembourg banks and insurance companies in terms of local sales activities. As wealth planning solutions in particular require a close presence to clients, most Luxembourg banks and insurance companies sell their services on French […]

Tax and social security for cross-border commuters/home-workers

Note: This article was written by Maikel Wijsbek. This article is based our interpretation of the current laws and is meant to be generally informative; the issues are complex and guidance on specific cases should be sought. If you are looking for guidance in light of COVID-19, please consult this page. Luxembourg has more than 190,000 cross-border commuters […]
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Withholding taxes suffered in France? 31 December is a date to remember

Investment funds who unduly suffered withholding taxes on French sourced dividend payments will, by the end of this year, see the period for which they can claim a refund reduced to two years. As a consequence, it is time to protect your rights by filing a protective claim prior to the year end.