PRI Revises Reporting Rules for 2021

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a UN-supported network of investors working to promote responsible investment (RI), has made extensive changes to its transparency report framework. The principles were launched in 2006, and the PRI has now revamped the requirements for the  upcoming 2021 reporting cycle. The difference between this new repo […]

Supervisory pressure is on as ECB publishes guide on climate-related and environmental risk

ESG - The acronym that’s taken the corporate world by storm as it continues to gain serious ground. It’s at the top of most corporate agendas, and financial institutions are no exception. In its recent guide on climate-related and environmental risk (published in November 2020), the European Central Bank (ECB) declares that approaching the topic of ESG fr […]

Net-zero carbon by 2030: Doing what is right

Our global commitment to combat climate change 50 Reduction in our carbon emissions by 2030 1.5 Science Based Target 100 Renewable energy accross all our sites 50 Reduction in business travel locked-in (vs 2019) 500 Engage our largest suppliers to reduce their emissions 200000 Educate and mobi […]

Embedding ESG into banks’ strategies

This article was originally published on by Mr. Steven J. Hall, Partner, Financial Risk Management, KPMG in the UK, Niven Huang, General Manager of KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd., KPMG in Taiwan, Julie Patterson, Wealth & Asset Management, KPMG in the UK, Arnaud Van Dijk, Senior Manager, KPMG in Canada. In the ‘new reality’ that wil […]

Sustainable finance and insurance: turning the Covid-19 experience to long-term advantage

This article has been written together with Armand De Vaugelas. The recognition of pandemic-type risks as being highly disruptive is far from new to the insurance sector. Back in 2013, around 3,000 insurers took part in a poll to name the most extreme risks to their industry. The responses identified a pandemic from a new and highly infectious and fatal disea […]

When ESG impacts strategy: a guide for asset managers

Asset managers can no longer ignore environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts on their future strategy. ESG expectations are continuously intensifying across the investment value chain, starting with investors and ending with each investment's real-world influence. Society at large increasingly expects companies in every industry to dedicate serious eff […]