Employee Experience

Lessons from Pathfinders – how do the foremost HR organizations drive value in the face of disruption?

As the world recovers from the Covid-19 crisis, it cannot be denied that it has left an impact on the way organizations operate. Not only that, but the past decade has also seen significant advancements in technology and automation. This has been dubbed “double disruption” by the World Economic Forum (WEF), with many organizations succumbing to it. Howeve […]

HR strategy: employee engagement is the outcome, experience is the starting point

Engagement is the outcome, not the starting point Everyone has, at some point in their professional lives, filled out an annual employee engagement survey. Surveys measure employee engagement, usually leading to hurriedly developed, short-lived initiatives that often fall short of meeting employee and corporate expectations. The truth is that these scattered […]

Creating new employee experiences with digital HR

Over the last several years technology has tremendously shaped back offices by cutting costs and improving efficiency, but this transformation has not been easy. Based on our experience, there are two main pitfalls that HR departments should be wary of. First, change management: how can organisations get their employees energised about and involved in their (new […]
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