PEPP: can it save Europe’s pension problems?

Fact: People are not saving enough for their pensions. Fact: The pension gap, i.e. the difference between the pension people are expecting to receive and what they’ll actually get, is currently €1.9 trillion.[1] Fact: More and more of the general population are inactive, and retirees are living longer (see a few statistics here)—meaning that the situ […]

The story of pensions

Our story of pensions begins in Luxembourg, where the state replacement ratio, at 80%, is one of the highest in Europe (only Greece tops it). Yet how sustainable is it? It’s estimated that reserves will start to fall in 2029, and run out in 2040, begging the question: what can we do about pension funds?

ELTIF: The birth of a new innovative fund product

Its name is ELTIF or European Long Term Investment Fund. Its purpose is to boost European long-term investments in the real economy, especially infrastructure. It will come into effect 6 months after the publication in the EU Official Journal, expected for the beginning of the year. Why is it an innovative product? What are its main characteristics? What […]

Will you add ELTIFs to your product toolbox?

AIFM listen closely: there’s a new product under development in Brussels that may be to your taste. We are talking about European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIF). Initially proposed by the Commission last September, the new framework for investment funds is currently under discussion in the EU Parliament.