Resetting the learning function

The worldwide pandemic sparked fundamental changes on how business is conducted and brought new work paradigms such as remote working to the surface. Human resources (HR) management is one area that has been significantly impacted: from recruitment to onboarding, and continuous learning to performance management, the HR function has had to think fast. Rethink […]

The conundrum facing bank CFOs: doing more with less

In recent years, CFOs have spent most of their budgets and energy on regulatory changes. In many banks, especially small ones, their only ambition is to keep the situation under control. Ensuring the quality of prudential reporting, satisfying audit requirements and maintaining control processes leaves limited resources left over to invest in business strategy a […]

Creating a future-proof IT function

Once upon a time, there was business strategy and technology strategy. They led more or less separate existences. Now, there’s just one strategy…driven by technology. According to IDC*, 80% of revenue growth will depend on digital offerings and operations by 2022. Therefore, the IT function is today at a crossroads. IT should not be seen anymore as a stan […]

FinTech’s disruption standoff: just who is disrupting whom?

A population roughly one tenth the size of Luxembourg’s gathered in Lisbon, Portugal last week for the 2016 Web Summit. It was a neutral ground for start-ups, tech giants, and the old guard to come together and discuss technological changes and visions. But back in the real world these factions are in constant battle as they vie for customers. How should Luxe […]

What is “social” about social trading?

When Mark Zuckerberg first introduced Facebook at his university, the market—when it caught wind of the creation—was very sceptical about who would need such a thing as a “social network.” Ten years later, social networks are a phenomenon and the basis of many other businesses across nearly every sector, from hospitality to dating to transportation.