Company data : the new asset on your balance sheet ?

Chief Data Officer: the powerhouse behind customer data optimization Many organizations have realized the need to have a proper data analytics structure in place to manage their data. The initial driver has been the ability to cope with specific governance and compliance issues by establishing a clear inventory of different data sets and laying out the underlyi […]

Content Services: a new pillar for digital organizations

While teleworking has been embraced by most organizations as part of a new operating model in times of COVID-19, a fresh challenge emerged: content management. Until very recently, companies used simple ad-hoc solutions (e.g. SharePoint or shared drives) to manage content. The absence of a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) strategy has proven […]

Why good governance is key to successful automation

What’s at the heart of the integration of innovative technologies and AI to improve company processes? Answer: Having the right governance model in place. That’s right, it is one of the crucial ingredients enabling companies to develop smoothly, guarantee use cases, gain to manage technology over time, and ensure optimal security in the implementation of the […]

Business intelligence today for a successful tomorrow

In an increasingly digital world, there are crucial questions that every organization should be asking: Are you able to fully exploit the potential of your organization’s fast-growing data assets? And: Are you able to leverage technology to truly support your business demands for fact-based decision-making based on insight and data analysis? How do I poss […]

Artificial intelligence: as fraudsters get better, so must your defenses

This article was written together with Dimitrios Kampas. In today’s digital era, enterprises across industries are moving from paper-based to digital means of retaining records of their clients’ transactions and the footprints of day-to-day operations. Nevertheless, cases of fraud persist: methods of deception are evolving along with the times, continu […]
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How companies can prepare for new directive protecting whistleblowers

The EU Council has proposed a new EU directive to protect whistleblowers who report EU law breaches.[1] The current draft of this directive was passed by the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee on 20 November 2018, after several months of discussion within the parliament. Debate on this proposal is not over, as it now needs to be reviewed in light of […]