Data Management

Content Services: a new pillar for digital organizations

While teleworking has been embraced by most organizations as part of a new operating model in times of COVID-19, a fresh challenge emerged: content management. Until very recently, companies used simple ad-hoc solutions (e.g. SharePoint or shared drives) to manage content. The absence of a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) strategy has proven […]

The age of RegTech

Living in the present means we’re perpetually at the peak of technology, sitting on a pyramid of past achievements. In the 1950s credit cards became plastic miracles of payment, an apex of FinTech resting upon the [modern] invention of credit some half-century prior, along with

La digitalisation de la santé: une sinécure?

Le secteur de la santé connait depuis quelques années une intensification des investissements dans les technologies de l’information et de la communication, ayant pour but d’améliorer l’efficacité et la qualité des prestations de soins.

From the world of Luxembourg banking: five ways to improve your efficiency

We’ve recently been around the banking industry in Luxembourg collecting and compiling the latest edition of Banking Insights (available here). In the process we gleaned five ways to improve efficiency—here’s what Luxembourg’s bankers have been talking about:

Healthcare actors need next-level collaboration

Healthcare services everywhere are becoming more complex by the hour—and so are the population’s demand patterns. Massive amounts of data must be collected and analysed to gain insight on what healthcare professionals are doing and whom they are working with. To meet these needs,

Artificial intelligence set to wow the finance sector’s traditional intelligence

You may have heard of IBM Watson already, but in case you haven’t: it’s a cognitive computing capability that is commercially available. Named after IBM’s first CEO, Watson beat two champions of the game-show Jeopardy back in 2011, and more recently has