customer experience

Thriving in a ‘brand’ new era of customer expectations

Remember when simply offering consistently good customer experiences was enough for companies to impress and retain their clients? With customer expectations growing by the minute, and as our 2019 Luxembourg Customer Experience Excellence report shows, those days are long gone. Luxembourg’s consumers are demanding more from their brand interactions — and bra […]

Creating new employee experiences with digital HR

Over the last several years technology has tremendously shaped back offices by cutting costs and improving efficiency, but this transformation has not been easy. Based on our experience, there are two main pitfalls that HR departments should be wary of. First, change management: how can organisations get their employees energised about and involved in their (new […]
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Let’s remove all paperwork from onboarding

For decades, onboarding processes have remained the same. Manually done and prone to errors, this crucial step in a customer’s journey is often a frustrating one—but onboarding is essential in anti-money laundering and know-your-client regulations, as well as in the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. Onboarding seems, at its root, a simple task: gather t […]

Using robots to create value for customers and employees alike

Digital labour is a vast and complex realm. Today, it is hard to find a business process that wouldn’t benefit from growing technological innovations, but finding the right solution, one that operates on multiple levels, can be tedious for a company. Of course, from the customer’s perspective, this doesn’t matter—as long as the end product or service […]

The six characteristics of customer champions

Here’s a slightly different travelogue on Luxembourg: this summer, my colleagues and I travelled the country from east to west, from north to south, through tropical temperatures, in order to meet the customer champions identified by our KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Study 2018. Founders, CEOs, CMOs, CHROs, CXOs, and COOs of international and local brand […]

Chatbots: a customer experience must?

Customer experience is the product of the interaction between an organisation and its clients, and it has risen hugely in importance nowadays—to the point where it’s central to executive committees’ agendas. Organisations are generally struggling to grow their client bases, as competition increases. But they’re also battling just to keep their current […]