customer experience

What is customer experience? And why is it so important (especially now)?

Do you remember the last time you had a great experience as a customer and how that made you feel? Chances are, this positive experience affected your perception of the brand as a whole and made you want to return. But what exactly does the term “customer experience” (CX) mean? In a nutshell, for your company, CX is your customers’ impression of your bra […]

Open banking: a game changer for business and operating models

This article was prepared together with Markus Lamest and Elma Memic. The Covid-19 pandemic hit the worldwide banking industry when it was already experiencing a turning point in terms of its business and operating models. Banks haven’t faced this opportunity and need for change in centuries. More than ever before, customers expect a service experience adapte […]

COVID-19: customer and digitization in insurance

This article was originally published on by Laura J. Hays, Global Head of Insurance for KPMG International. COVID-19 might be the catalyst for innovation in insurance, unlocking greater levels of customer experience and personalization. Who hasn’t asked at some point, “How will this pandemic affect me and my family? How will it affect our liv […]

HR strategy: employee engagement is the outcome, experience is the starting point

Engagement is the outcome, not the starting point Everyone has, at some point in their professional lives, filled out an annual employee engagement survey. Surveys measure employee engagement, usually leading to hurriedly developed, short-lived initiatives that often fall short of meeting employee and corporate expectations. The truth is that these scattered […]

Digital citizen experience: what it is and why it matters to Luxembourg

In today’s “age of the customer”, we are witnessing a shift in the balance of power in the brand-customer relationship. The digital revolution has profoundly changed consumer habits, with customers now better informed, increasingly empowered and more demanding than ever. Accustomed to interacting with brands and to using products and services from multi […]

Citizen Experience: Seven ways Luxembourg’s public organizations can rise to the challenge

Just as customer experience has become a crucial part of every company’s success, citizen experience is climbing the public sector’s priority ladder. The “age of the customer” is upon on us, and everyone needs to get on board! In KPMG’s recently published white paper on public sector digitalization for citizens, we take a closer look at how differen […]