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Data visualization & citizen experience: democratizing data to strengthen society

When governments combine data visualization with open data, citizens reap direct benefits. Let’s take a closer look. Living in a data abundant world In the age of data abundance it can be difficult to filter out the relevant data needed to fulfill a specific purpose. We all passively deal with data on a daily basis, so much so that it has become a part of ou […]

Digital citizen experience: what it is and why it matters to Luxembourg

In today’s “age of the customer”, we are witnessing a shift in the balance of power in the brand-customer relationship. The digital revolution has profoundly changed consumer habits, with customers now better informed, increasingly empowered and more demanding than ever. Accustomed to interacting with brands and to using products and services from multi […]

Citizen Experience: Seven ways Luxembourg’s public organizations can rise to the challenge

Just as customer experience has become a crucial part of every company’s success, citizen experience is climbing the public sector’s priority ladder. The “age of the customer” is upon on us, and everyone needs to get on board! In KPMG’s recently published white paper on public sector digitalization for citizens, we take a closer look at how differen […]