Why good governance is key to successful automation

What’s at the heart of the integration of innovative technologies and AI to improve company processes? Answer: Having the right governance model in place. That’s right, it is one of the crucial ingredients enabling companies to develop smoothly, guarantee use cases, gain to manage technology over time, and ensure optimal security in the implementation of the […]

Regulators have a message for your AI strategy

With two recent publications, regulatory bodies on both Luxembourg and EU levels give AI developers and AI users ample material to digest—and act upon. In December 2018, two papers about AI were published. One, by the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, is a draft of ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI. By February […]

Chatbots: a customer experience must?

Customer experience is the product of the interaction between an organisation and its clients, and it has risen hugely in importance nowadays—to the point where it’s central to executive committees’ agendas. Organisations are generally struggling to grow their client bases, as competition increases. But they’re also battling just to keep their current […]

Meet the warriors of fintech

The third annual Fintech Awards Luxembourg (powered by the LHoFT and KPMG) take place tomorrow! Thirteen molten hot companies will pitch in front of a panel of experts and hope to win one of the top prizes, which include €50k in startup money, membership in accelerator hubs, and advertising campaigns. But what do this year’s contestants say about the matu […]

Keeping your bots under control

Intelligent automation promises speed, scale, quality, and precision. It promises new peaks of operational efficiency. It promises to complement and augment human skills. However, big promises can feel suspicious. In talking to several market leaders in Luxembourg, we found common strains of concern: “Can an organisation lose control over an entire army of […]

Customer experience in insurance: it’s about people, people

Seven or eight years ago, transparency was largely a byproduct of burdensome new regulations. By now, however, it has become a feature demanded by consumers, with every company competing to be more transparent than the next. How did that happen? In one sense, it’s the natural result of regulations maturing and of companies finding their footing in response to […]