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Fund managers: why Circular 18/698 might surprise you

The CSSF’s new circular, 18/698, was released one month ago. Although it will require a bit of work to implement, its aims are pure: to create a level playing field for UCITS ManCos and AIFMs, expanding on the existing principle-based approach but with a more prescriptive touch. The circular was written with practical findings on ManCo effectiveness in mind, t […]

How banks are tearing down and rebuilding customer experience

“The customer is always right!” So goes the motto of good business. For a century or more, entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, and global corporate heads alike have been guided by this principle, but perhaps it needs to be slightly updated. Because, today, customers are not only right—they’re also telling you how to run your business. “The customer has […]

Where do you record digital currency on your balance sheet?

Not too long ago, the hype around digital currencies exploded, with bitcoin being the flagship cryptocurrency in popular conversation. Everyone raved about the new payment instrument which would swiftly conquer the financial world. Even if all that has cooled off somewhat now, digital currencies have not gone anywhere—indeed, they are spreading, with 100,000+ […]

One microphone, five minutes, and €50,000

Luxembourg’s fintech scene is not quite like anything I’ve seen elsewhere. Startup contests—and I’ve been to loads—all share a common energy, an ambitious spirit, a love of the future and the futuristic. Fintech in Luxembourg has all that, of course, but it has something else too. It has a relaxed togetherness, forged by the smallness of the country […]
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Your guide to living and working in Luxembourg

This article is for anyone not yet living and working in Luxembourg. Perhaps you are thinking of relocating yourself, your company, or your entire family here—and you might have questions ranging from the dreamily open-ended What’s Luxembourg like? to the very practical How long does a commute in Luxembourg City take? We’ve got all that information for […]

More tax facts on Luxembourg—and why it’s the place to be

Luxembourg has a lot to offer in a lot of areas. Its capital city is charming, its countryside idyllic. Great food, cultural events, and lifestyles, and an amazing mix of expats and locals. But as a tax man, I want to focus on its tax aspects—continuing from my post last year, Tax facts about Luxembourg from a recent arrival. This time I want to explore the go […]