Alternative Investments

Five reasons to automate tedious (and painful) admin tasks

We live in a fast-paced world where speed and efficiency are considered precious commodities. And the most precious of all? Time. In the realm of tax management and regulation there are countless time-consuming and mundane, yet fundamental, tasks. AI funds, domiciliation companies, trust & corporate services providers as well as big groups with multipl […]

Liquidity management: Regulatory scrutiny levels rising – How safe is your life jacket? The new CSSF Circular 19/733

At the dawn of this new year, let’s take a moment to look back at 2019 and its impact on the asset management industry and financial markets. It’s been a rocky road for financial markets which, overall, have shown resistance despite worrying signs including micro crystallization of liquidity risks. For instance, the flagship fund managed by Neil Woodford […]

AIFMD Report – a first step towards AIFMD 2

Although the AIFMD is still somewhat in its youth, this key asset management Directive contains a review clause that required the European Commission to start to review the application and scope of the directive in July 2017. A first important milestone in this review was reached in January 2019 when the Commission published a report exploring whether the AIFMD […]

The “cost” of performance: alternative asset funds under Solvency II

The increasing appetite for alternative investment products by institutional investors is dramatically changing the asset management industry. Opportunities are on the rise, as are competition and new regulatory challenges. In this context, asset managers in the alternatives space are asking themselves how much they “cost” in solvency capital requirement […]

Management companies and AIFMs: time for a health check

On 23 August 2018, the CSSF released Circular 18/698 setting out rules for the authorisation and organisation of investment fund managers. The new circular aims to define a harmonised approach to Chapter 15 management companies, as well as AIFMs, replacing Circular 12/546 which laid down the CSSF’s expectation for UCITS managers only (though served as a ben […]

Alternative investments: the tech revolution is hiding in the stairwell

As the world’s digital pathways multiply and thicken—and even begin, perhaps in some ways, to rival the world’s road networks—any sector slow to start using them is increasingly conspicuous. Thus, the real estate sector, or more broadly alternative investments. Where is the industry overhaul, the massive sweep of technology? Elsewhere, fintech companies […]