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Surveillance challenges under Covid-19

The article was originally published on by Paul Tombleson,  Leadership, Global Trader Surveillance Lead, KPMG International and Partner, KPMG in the UK. Like many sectors, the investment banking sector has had to find new ways of working away from the trading floor at a mass scale. This involves the use of back-up sites and remote working, bringing an […]

Top 10 predictions for the real estate market to consider in recovery plans

The real estate market is often a clear indicator of the economy’s health, and we are starting to see the effects of Covid-19. This pandemic has opened a period of unprecedented uncertainty across the globe, with rising unemployment levels that are skyrocketing in the United States. Authorities in the EU and around the world are working hard to agree on rescue […]

How private equity houses can approach RAIF annual reports

Anticipating the significant growth and ever-increasing importance of alternative investments as an asset class — the most recent data shows that Luxembourg saw a 17% increase in private equity fund assets under management and a 25% increase in loan funds between 2018 and 2019 — Luxembourg took the opportunity to add a number of supervised- only investment v […]

An asset manager’s guide to creating a risk-based Covid-19 board report

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, the damage to the economy looks likely to be deep and long lasting. Asset managers are not only dealing with a myriad of temporary guidelines from national and international bodies: they are also putting their own measures in place to mitigate the economic impact of the virus and safeguard investor value—measures t […]

Six considerations in dealing with the impact of Covid-19

The article was originally published on by Jim Liddy, Leadership, Chairman, Global Financial Services. Unfortunately, we will be dealing with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic for the foreseeable future.  What we observe currently is that business leaders across the globe are consistently focused on six principal challenges in dealing with the im […]

European asset management regulators teaming up – on-site inspections and how to get prepared

EU-wide coordination between national and supranational regulatory authorities has increased steadily in recent months: supervisory reviews and actions are more common, and regulatory scrutiny is intensifying. For many companies, this step-change is nowhere more apparent than in the rise of on-site inspections, both systematic and thematic. Key themes emerging i […]