Unprecedented uncertainties: what’s in store for real estate in 2023?

With relentless Covid-19, the illegal Russian invasion of Ukraine, skyrocketing inflation, supply chain issues and interest rate hikes, not to mention a looming recession, 2022 has seen waves of uncertainty rippling across the entire planet. As an antidote, we decided to adopt a forward-thinking approach by sharing our long and short-term predictions for the […]

A HR solution to reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost workplace happiness

The last few months have been strange for all of us: first, we stopped seeing each other in person; then, we changed the way we interacted and worked together; and now we’ve arrived at a hybrid situation where human relationships are coexisting with technology more than ever before. The resilience and agility of humans allow us to adapt and overcome the dif […]

CSSF Circular 20/750 implements EBA Guidelines on ICT and security risk management in Luxembourg

On 25 August 2020, the CSSF published Circular 20/750 implementing the EBA Guidelines on ICT and security risk management in Luxembourg. These guidelines establish a consistent approach to the mitigation and management of these risks in all EU countries. Are you ready for the Circular? Download our self-assessment to assess your preparedness and define a resp […]

Covid-19: could liquidity challenges be on the way for insurers?

The article was originally published on kpmg.com by Laura J Hay, Global Head of Insurance, KPMG International   In a difficult times, they say, cash is king. Covid-19 has certainly brought an immediate cash and liquidity crunch to many business sectors, who have seen their income streams dramatically dry up. But could this, over time, begin to appl […]

Banks balance surge in SME business loans

The article was originally published on kpmg.com by Judd Caplain, Leadership, Global Head of Banking & Capital Markets.   The COVID-19 pandemic is creating new challenges for societies and economies on an almost unprecedented scale. The knock-on effects of the virus are seemingly endless. Banks are at the front-line of the economic disruption. Sudd […]

Citizen Experience: Seven ways Luxembourg’s public organizations can rise to the challenge

Just as customer experience has become a crucial part of every company’s success, citizen experience is climbing the public sector’s priority ladder. The “age of the customer” is upon on us, and everyone needs to get on board! In KPMG’s recently published white paper on public sector digitalization for citizens, we take a closer look at how differen […]