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Key pledges from International Women’s Day 2016

As you know, yesterday was International Women’s Day: a day to celebrate what women have accomplished in the finance world and far beyond, but also to

Magic is what you create…

Christmas is a time of sharing and giving back to our employees, our clients and the local community. We created our own truly personal Christmas story, KPMG Polaris, and the KPMG bee, yeti and his igloo are at the heart of it. Our staff and visitors to our KPMG offices appreciated the care and attention we have put into each detail as you can see from our Chris […]

KPMG Plage: a kind of magic?

One week into the beach and we’re still super excited about our KPMG Plage event. This is the first time we’ve opened our events to the public and we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the who, what, when, where and why. But we have a question for you. Not what do you think, but how do you feel about Luxembourg?

Big Data in the world of Private Equity

What does “Big Data” mean? The increasing availability of data is important to the way in which companies approach business issues. By using data appropriately, companies can make rapid, informed decisions. The development of complex IT programs is required to extract and analyze strategic information from big data. Strategic information is highly importa […]
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The Y-Factor – Here come the Millennials

Flexibility, autonomy and freedom define the future of the workplace, says Jörg Castor of the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, Germany. In front of business leaders, owners and managers from Luxembourg on the occasion of a LuxReal event at 39 JFK, the labour scientist gave insights into people management and how businesses can adapt their workplace for the Mi […]