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Can fintech lead innovation post Covid-19?

The article was originally published on by Anton Ruddenklau, Global Co-Leader of Fintech for KPMG International, and a Partner and the Head of Digital & Innovation for Financial Services in KPMG in the UK. The dotcom crash of the early 2000’s led to the creation of tech giants like Google; the global financial crisis of 2008/09 saw the emergenc […]

Taxation of dividends in India: the impact on Luxembourg investment funds

This article has been written together with Kadambari Chari. As market trends consistently show, investments in emerging markets are increasing in importance for the asset management industry, making it even more critical to keep up with the local changes and practices of those countries. At the same time, it incentivizes these markets to align their domestic p […]

DAC 6: Practical reminders for the financial sector

Tick tock … 31 August 2020 will be here soon. Do you know what to report? By the end of summer, intermediaries, such as banks, asset managers, insurance companies and other professionals active in the financial sector will have to report tax arrangements they have assisted with since 25 June 2018. Tax arrangements that occurred after 1 July 2020 must be rep […]

What US tax compliance means for the asset management sector

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is increasing its efforts to ensure that non-US entities, including Luxembourg investment funds, comply with US tax rules. Tax authorities seem particularly focused on the following implications: Making US investments may lead to US tax compliance obligations: A company claiming treaty benefits should no […]

Brexit: understanding the transition period

On 31 January 2020, following the formal adoption of the withdrawal agreement, the UK officially left the European Union. Now begins the transition period outlined in the Brexit deal, which provides details on how the UK’s exit will unfold. For example, it states that no UK representative can participate in any EU institution, agency or body. It further declar […]

ETFs and the future of active management

A decade of tremendous progress for ETFs and passive investing Did you know that over the last 10 years Vanguard picked up 87% of new net assets (inflows) of mutual funds with about two-thirds going to its largest index funds? The shift of investor money from active into passive funds has certainly contributed to a fundamental reshaping of the competitive […]