Navigating the age of uncertainty – a Luxembourg perspective

The evolution of the Luxembourg economy over the past 25 years has been impressive. Luxembourg has refused to rest on its laurels and has grown from strength to strength on the European and world stage. However, as one of the most interconnected economies in the world today, it is hypersensitive to certain global changes and megatrends, which the current crisis […]

Luxembourg at the Crossroads: the LBC at the British Chamber of Commerce evening business forum

After any survey, gaining feedback on how it was received is almost, if not as, important as the survey itself. This is especially true when we’re talking about larger, established biannual surveys such as the Luxembourg Business Compass - a barometer of business leaders’ expectations regarding future economic trends that we conduct together with the Luxembu […]

A maritime industry in a landlocked country?

A maritime industry in a landlocked country: is this really a sound idea? Funnily enough, it just might be. Not so long ago, the Luxembourg government decided upon a number of priority sectors to diversify its financial market-dominated economy. The logistics and shipping sector were amongst those selected for special attention.