Proposed amendments to sale-and-leaseback. How ready are you?

In mid-2020, the IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRS IC) received a question on how to measure a lease liability and right-of-use (ROU) asset on a sale-and-leaseback transaction with fully variable payments. You might be wondering what sparked this question in the first place. Well, IFRS 16 prohibits the inclusion of variable lease payments (except for those […]

Fair valuation of investment property in uncertain times

It’s no secret that measuring a fair value of investment property has always been a challenging task...and, needless to say, the current pandemic has not made it any easier. The valuation of investment property following the principles of IFRS 13 is usually dependent on several assumptions and unobservable inputs. The current market situation may very likel […]

CSSF Circular 20/750 implements EBA Guidelines on ICT and security risk management in Luxembourg

On 25 August 2020, the CSSF published Circular 20/750 implementing the EBA Guidelines on ICT and security risk management in Luxembourg. These guidelines establish a consistent approach to the mitigation and management of these risks in all EU countries. Are you ready for the Circular? Download our self-assessment to assess your preparedness and define a resp […]

How Covid-19 impacts interim financial statements?

Our Covid-19 financial reporting resource centre provides guidance on a broad range of financial reporting topics impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. It covers both annual and interim financial statements. What’s the issue? For calendar year end companies, the 2020 interim reporting period will be the first reporting period when the impacts of the Covid-19 co […]

Attention audit committees! Are you set for 2017? (Step 2)

How have the roles and responsibilities of audit committees (“ACs”) changed in the wake of new regulation that has recently become effective? We’ve put together a 6-part series about updates and challenges stemming from the law of 23 July 2016 on the audit profession and Regulation (EU) N° 537/2014. Step 2 – What are the roles and responsibilitie […]

Investition in gute Laune

Die alte Leier vom Niedrigzinsumfeld und den damit einhergehenden Herausforderungen von Versicherungsunternehmen und Pensionskassen wurde bereits mehrfach abgespielt, und erklärt anschaulich den Boom alternativer Assetklassen wie Immobilien oder Beteiligungskapital, die damit fast schon Mainstream geworden sind. Heute möchte ich die Aufmerksamkeit des geneigte […]