Embedding ESG into banks’ strategies

This article was originally published on by Mr. Steven J. Hall, Partner, Financial Risk Management, KPMG in the UK, Niven Huang, General Manager of KPMG Sustainability Consulting Co., Ltd., KPMG in Taiwan, Julie Patterson, Wealth & Asset Management, KPMG in the UK, Arnaud Van Dijk, Senior Manager, KPMG in Canada. In the ‘new reality’ that wil […]

Bringing clarity around private equity asset valuations

This article was originally published on by Robert Ohrenstein, Partner, Global Head of Private Equity, KPMG International, Mr. Sean McKee, National Practice Leader, Public Investment Management, KPMG in the U.S. and Jonathan Martin, Partner, Head of Private Equity UK Audit, KPMG in the UK. The timing of COVID-19 has brought uncertainty and confusion […]

Sustainable finance and insurance: turning the Covid-19 experience to long-term advantage

This article has been written together with Armand De Vaugelas. The recognition of pandemic-type risks as being highly disruptive is far from new to the insurance sector. Back in 2013, around 3,000 insurers took part in a poll to name the most extreme risks to their industry. The responses identified a pandemic from a new and highly infectious and fatal disea […]

Europe’s new reality: Go digital, go green

This article was originally published on by Jonathan Lavender, Leadership, Global Head of KPMG Private Enterprise and Head of Markets. How scaling up green technology can help put Europe on the road to recovery. Record-high unemployment rates and government support necessary for the survival of some of the largest companies across the globe: this is […]

COVID-19: customer and digitization in insurance

This article was originally published on by Laura J. Hays, Global Head of Insurance for KPMG International. COVID-19 might be the catalyst for innovation in insurance, unlocking greater levels of customer experience and personalization. Who hasn’t asked at some point, “How will this pandemic affect me and my family? How will it affect our liv […]

Proactive portfolio management and future planning

The article was originally published on by Robert Ohrenstein, Partner and Global Head of Private Equity for KPMG International. It feels much longer than the 3-4 weeks that have passed since I set out my initial thoughts concerning COVID-19, Being Robust in Trying Times. While the previous note was almost entirely dominated by the initial reaction to […]