Xavier Martinez

Xavier Martinez

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The last few months have been strange for all of us: first, we stopped seeing each other in person; then, we changed the way we interacted and worked together; and now we’ve arrived at a hybrid situation where human relationships are coexisting with technology more than ever before. The resilience and agility of humans allow us to adapt and overcome the dif […]

Covid-19 and Luxembourg cross-border workers: how will working from home be taxed?

This blog is regularly updated based on the latest announcements. Last update: 11am on 8 April 2020. Highlights from this blog The days that Belgian, French and German residents work from home due to Covid-19 will not count towards the 24-day tax threshold for the Belgians, the 29-day threshold for the French or the 19-day threshold for the Germans. The […]

Tax and social security for cross-border commuters/home-workers

Note: This article was written by Maikel Wijsbek. This article is based our interpretation of the current laws and is meant to be generally informative; the issues are complex and guidance on specific cases should be sought. If you are looking for guidance in light of COVID-19, please consult this page. Luxembourg has more than 190,000 cross-border commuters […]
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