Steffi Schenkewitz

Steffi Schenkewitz

The six characteristics of customer champions

Here’s a slightly different travelogue on Luxembourg: this summer, my colleagues and I travelled the country from east to west, from north to south, through tropical temperatures, in order to meet the customer champions identified by our KPMG Customer Experience Excellence Study 2018. Founders, CEOs, CMOs, CHROs, CXOs, and COOs of international and local brand […]

Thinking in touchpoints: how to offer great customer experience

In any business environment, success equals understanding customers. Today, however, there seems to be particular emphasis on this aspect. And yet, understanding customers isn’t always straightforward. It used to be that a company could simply push its product, if it was an interesting enough one, onto a large consumer segment and get results. However, this […]

Customer experience in insurance: it’s about people, people

Seven or eight years ago, transparency was largely a byproduct of burdensome new regulations. By now, however, it has become a feature demanded by consumers, with every company competing to be more transparent than the next. How did that happen? In one sense, it’s the natural result of regulations maturing and of companies finding their footing in response to […]

Great customer service must be simple and powerful

Has this happened to you? The taxi stops in front of your hotel, your new home during the work conference. On your way from the airport, you’ve already had a first impression of the metropolis: big, crowded, noisy—and, most of all, anonymous. At this moment, someone says your name. In my case: “Welcome, Ms Schenkewitz.” Wow. No more anonymity. Who sai […]

How to create a “wow” effect for customers

In the age of the empowered customer, organisations across all industries are unified in the belief that delivering an excellent customer experience is key to a viable future strategy. This means that focusing on customer experience won't just keep customers happy, but will also grow your business by helping you stand out from your competition. Financial servic […]