Philippe Bovy

Philippe Bovy

Company data : the new asset on your balance sheet ?

Chief Data Officer: the powerhouse behind customer data optimization Many organizations have realized the need to have a proper data analytics structure in place to manage their data. The initial driver has been the ability to cope with specific governance and compliance issues by establishing a clear inventory of different data sets and laying out the underlyi […]

Content Services: a new pillar for digital organizations

While teleworking has been embraced by most organizations as part of a new operating model in times of COVID-19, a fresh challenge emerged: content management. Until very recently, companies used simple ad-hoc solutions (e.g. SharePoint or shared drives) to manage content. The absence of a comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) strategy has proven […]

The new normal: teleworking and revised business continuity plans

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is not yet behind us, we’ve already learned a few lessons from seeing how IT organizations approached and handled the situation over the past weeks. One of them relates to business continuity plans (BCPs), which organizations put into place prior to the crisis. Incomplete business continuity plans Business continuity management […]

Covid-19: VPN vs VDI or DaaS – which remote access solution is best for your company?

Two months into widespread home-confinement in Luxembourg, and it’s been amazing to see the great work done by IT departments up and down the country to make homeworking happen and ensure the continuity of key corporate applications. While larger outfits may have been able to tackle the issue head-on, many small- and medium-sized operations may struggle mor […]

Robotic process automation: from concept to working tool

In recent years, we’ve seen many organizations initiate proofs of concept for their AI initiatives. The drive is there to address business challenges using advanced technology, often with robotic process automation (RPA) in scope—but success, for many, is elusive. Why? As a first observation, many organizations fail to recognize that the gulf between a pr […]

An ICT risk management must for banks

The challenge for IT organisations today is to improve their services while simultaneously reducing the costs they incur, a challenge usually met with the continuous service improvement approach. This approach has two steps: (1) assess the maturity of the key ITIL processes to identify areas for improvement and (2) enhance the functionalities of the supporting I […]