Markus Lamest

Markus Lamest

Natural language processing: a better way to predict real estate market trends?

This article was prepared together with Bledi Hajdari, KPMG Luxembourg. The days in which investment portfolios consisted only of stocks and bonds are long gone, while alternative investments have become a crucial part of today’s portfolio diversification. These investments typically have a low correlation with standard assets, which makes them suitable for […]

The three hallmarks of a successful startup

This article was prepared together with Axel Hristodoulakis. Since the dawn of time, human beings have tried to forecast events, from the weather with meteorology to their own future with astrology. So, it’s not surprising that similar predictions are made every day about business. As soon as the first businesses appeared, their owners began wondering if th […]

Before artificial intelligence takes off, a common language is needed

In an environment of advancing market trends, technological developments, and regulatory provisions, pragmatic and easily implementable solutions are more valuable than ever. Excitingly, artificial intelligence is maturing to a point where it can offer some powerful options for businesses. Before getting ahead of ourselves, however, it’s important to (re)ex […]

When information overload sneaks up behind you

In a recent article published in the Journal of Information Science, Dr Deepak Saxena (Dublin Institute of Technology) and I postulated that managers frequently struggle with the amount and variety of (digital) information available to their businesses. We based our findings on empirical evidence from the tourism industry, but it appears that this phenomenon is […]

Three opportunities for fintech companies

Recently I attended the Future of Fintech Conference, where a major theme was the disruption of the financial services industry by clouds, machine learning, blockchain, and other technologies. Speakers reflected on how the bigger fish (e.g. NASDAQ, Bank of America, MunichRE) and smaller fish (e.g. Robinhood, Affirm, SoFi) have acted on and reacted towards these […]