Marko Koerner

Marko Koerner

“How Circular Economy came, saw and is beginning to conquer Luxembourg”

It’s been a few months since I first gave an introduction to the circular economy – and what busy months they have been. The concept has gone from just a small seed of an idea to a project with a growing number of stakeholders and ever more ambitious goals. These six points - a mixture of status update, FAQs and case study – will bring you up-to-date on th […]

A circular economy: more than just another green initiative

In times when we have already learnt and acknowledged that earth’s resources are limited and that we globally consume in an unhealthy way, we are virtually non-stop fed with information about green initiatives and sustainability. We sometimes perceive it as “getting flooded” or even “spammed”. Activities around recycling, ecofriendly consumption, waste […]

A maritime industry in a landlocked country?

A maritime industry in a landlocked country: is this really a sound idea? Funnily enough, it just might be. Not so long ago, the Luxembourg government decided upon a number of priority sectors to diversify its financial market-dominated economy. The logistics and shipping sector were amongst those selected for special attention.