Maikel Wijsbek

Maikel Wijsbek

More tax facts on Luxembourg—and why it’s the place to be

Luxembourg has a lot to offer in a lot of areas. Its capital city is charming, its countryside idyllic. Great food, cultural events, and lifestyles, and an amazing mix of expats and locals. But as a tax man, I want to focus on its tax aspects—continuing from my post last year, Tax facts about Luxembourg from a recent arrival. This time I want to explore the go […]

Year-end tips for Luxembourg taxpayers

December is a month of mixed emotions. Holidays like St. Nicholas Day and Christmas bring a lot of cheer—but they also, well, they don’t cost nothing. Perhaps saving is on your mind. If so, I have a few suggestions for ways to save on your tax bill before the end of this month! Watch the vide […]

Brexit: the underestimated importance of personnel

Over 50 companies have already publically announced that they will relocate their headquarters or parts of their workforces in the light of Britain’s exit from the EU. Most companies are still deciding what to do, or have chosen the wait-and-see approach, and many have set up special Brexit committees to investigate the implications for their company. These co […]

Five myths about the 183-day rule

As a global mobility tax advisor I often hear comments like I am not taxable in country A as long as I stay for fewer than 183 days. Another common one is I am being paid from Country A, so I am not taxable in Country B. When we discuss employee taxation in an international context, we often refer to the so-called “183-day rule”—however, there seems to be […]

International tax challenges for mobile employees’ pensions

International mobility continues to increase, yet pensions do not seem to be a big concern. Employees typically continue to contribute to their state pension (social security) and occupational (company) pension where possible, but how are pensions taxed in different countries and why does double taxation often occur? This article covers the international tax cha […]

Tax facts about Luxembourg from a recent arrival

Last year, a Flemish TV show did a great spoof on Luxembourg, titled What if everybody forgot about Luxembourg? (see below with subtitles). It was uploaded shortly after I joined our Luxembourg practice and I found it hilarious. During the past few months, however, I have learned that Luxembourg has a lot to offer, and not only from a tax perspective. https: