Louis Thomas

Louis Thomas

Family Matters – how times are changing for global family businesses

Family businesses help drive the economy, accounting for the majority of global GDP and employment.  Many families are intent on keeping their businesses in the family and passing them on to the next generation. Nothing new there, but uncertain times bring with them a whole new set of challenges. So, what are families up against? Well, for starters, the often c […]

Coronavirus and corporate taxes: Seven ways to reduce Covid-19’s financial impact on your company

In a blog post published last week, we examined the impact of Covid-19 on personal taxation, including taxation for cross-border commuters. The virus’s impact, however, also extends to companies, who now face extraordinary operational and financial hardship. Prime Minister Xavier Bettel has announced a few measures on March 17th 2020. KPMG Luxembourg has […]

BEPS 2.0: The corporate tax revolution for international business is here!

The last few years have seen some big changes in the corporate tax world – from ATAD1 & 2 and the EU Commission’s anti-tax avoidance package to the recent US tax reform. The impact of these new rules has not gone unnoticed in many countries now subject to significant changes, and often harsher tax principles. This is just a drop in the ocean, howeve […]

In 2019, what incentives are there for greener transport in Luxembourg?

As of 2019, specific tax allowances have been set up by the government for hybrid company cars in Luxembourg (on top of allowances relating to fully electric cars). Since last year, such cars have been taxed according to how environmentally friendly they are, instead of according to a flat rate. The government’s aim is to incentivize companies to buy eco-frien […]

We asked European family businesses what their top priorities are

The latest European Family Business Barometer has recently been released, revealing that family businesses are optimistic and are preparing for further growth. For many, the next step is the delicate and crucial operation of scaling up their operations. Additionally, European family businesses preparing to do business on the world stage will have to factor in […]

How companies can prepare for new directive protecting whistleblowers

The EU Council has proposed a new EU directive to protect whistleblowers who report EU law breaches.[1] The current draft of this directive was passed by the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee on 20 November 2018, after several months of discussion within the parliament. Debate on this proposal is not over, as it now needs to be reviewed in light of […]